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360 around diamond manufacturing

Rough Diamond Purchase

We Purchase Rough Diamonds From Diamond Mines, Let Us Know If You Have Rough Diamond And Want To Sell Us

Diamond Manufacturing

Our In-House Diamond Manufacturing Facility Provides All Possibilities From Cutting/ Polishing To Finishing Diamonds, Everything Is In One Roof!

Sales & Support

We Sell Natural/ Lab Grown Polished Diamonds, We Provide Our Services To Dealers, Wholesalers, or Jewelry Manufacturers Across The Globe


Customized Diamond Shape

We Make Most Of All famouse Shapes Like princess shape, asscher shape, emerald shape, oval shape, marquise shape, pear shape.

we also make rare fancy shapes Kite, Baguette shape, Taper Baguette shape, Half Moon shape, Bullet shape, Trapezoid shape, Or Triangle Shape Etc.

As Per Client’s Requirement Only On Order Basis


Real Love
Real Diamonds

Rarity Of 1 Carat Gem-Quality Diamond
If We Recover 10,00,000 Diamonds From Mines…We Will Get Only, 1 Stone Of Gem- Quality. This Only One Diamond That’s Suitable For Diamond Jewelry.


Our Services

Diamond Grading Service

We Provide Diamond Grading Services As Per Our Clients Requirement From Our loose Diamond Stock​, We Provide GIA, IGI Or HRD Grading Certificates as well as Melle Analysis.

Calibrated Diamond Parcel

Fully Accurate Sieve Sizes, MM To MM Calibrated Diamond Parcels, As Per Client's Requirements for Jewelry Bagging.

Lab Grown Inspections

We Sell Natural Diamonds And Lab Grown Diamonds Also, Our Diamonds Come With Authentication Certificates, So No More hidden Synthetics Or Simulants In Our Assurance. Your Natural Diamonds Purchase Will Always Natural.

Diamond Manufacturing Services


Rough Diamond Sorting

Rough Diamond Assortments by shape color, clarity. for achieve best polished weight achivement.

Rough Diamond Galaxy Planing

Galaxy Sarine Machine in Rough Diamond Planing For Best Polished Values Are Achieve From Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamond Sawing

Sawing of Rough Diamonds With Best Cutting Edge Technology With Fully Automation

Rough Diamond Bruting

Rough Diamond girdle polishing, for achieving more sparkle and beauty of diamonds

Heart & Arrow Diamond Polishing

Our State Of Art Polishing Technology Meets Fully Heart And Arrow Diamonds. A Complete Solution For Sparkle, Beauty Or Brilliance

Consignment Service

If Our Clients Are Unable To Visit Us, We Provide Diamonds For Viewing At Their Own Office With “No Buying Force”

Fine Cut Natural Loose Diamonds

Natural Polished Round Diamonds

Specifications :

Shape: Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Size: 0.005 carat upto 0.15 carat.

Size In MM: 0.90mm upto 3.50mm

Sieve Size: +000 upto -15

Cut: Very Good / Good / Fair / Poor

Clarity: VVS / VS1 / VS2/ SI1 / SI2 / SI3 / I1 / I2 /I3

Color: F, G, H (WHITE) / I, J, (YELLOW) / K, L, M (BROWN).


Natural Polished Baguette Diamonds

Specifications :

Shape: Straight Baguette Cut Diamonds / Taper Baguette Diamonds

Size: 0.005 carat upto 0.35 carat.

Size In MM ( length ): 0.90mm upto 5.00mm

Cut: Very Good / Good / Fair / Poor

Clarity: VVS / VS1 / VS2/ SI1 / SI2 / SI3 / I1 / I2 /I3

Color: F, G, H (WHITE) / I, J, (YELLOW) / K, L, M (BROWN).

NEW LAUNCH | next generation diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds


Eco Friendly

For every carat of diamond that is mined, nearly 100 sq ft of land is disturbed and almost 6000 lbs of mineral waste is created.

Ethically Sourced

All in all, mined diamonds result in 1 injury for every 1,000 workers annually, while lab grown diamonds result in zero.

Competitively Priced

No diamond is free, but due to the shorter supply chain, lab grown diamonds can be anywhere from 20-40% less expensive than mined diamonds

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pramukh jewels

Pramukh jewles is second genration diamond manufacturing company based in heart of state surat city of gujarat.
we deal in natural diamonds as well as lab grown diamonds, we are able to facilating our customers from rough diamonds to polished diamonds.
We Specializing In Fancy Shapes Like bagutte Shapes/ taper baguettes also in small round shapes.

we deal across the globe, with customized cut, shape and sizes. we provide diamonds to jewelry retailers, wholesalers or dealers with our ” no minimum order ” promise.

“my clients will get a 100% price matching guarantee with assured quality diamonds”

That’s my forever promise to the diamond industry.

founder owner   |   pramukh jewels

hardik mer

I am hardik mer, founder-owner of pramukh jewels, here I have been working in the diamond industry for the last 10 years.
I started my journey as a diamond polishing artisan, and after some time I gathered more interest, so I went to the Indian diamond institute to understand all diamond manufacturing processes and also I was work for many manufacturing companies as a consultant.
after many years of experience I joint our own venture pramukh jewels as CEO of a company.

my goal is always to minimize profit and provides 100% satisfaction or a smoother purchase process, I manage all inquiries personally.

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Diamond education is the understanding of the
 4 C’s of diamonds (color, cut, carat, clarity) and the factors that impact diamond quality and price.
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Let’s See How Diamonds Are Rare !
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Diamonds Do Good, Let’s See How Diamonds Are Contribute In Social Responsibility, And Protect Our Planet

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read our diamond blog to understand diamonds and their related history of diamonds, this will also help you to buy diamonds with confidence.

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in-depth knowledge of international diamond shapes and related parameters to evaluate the price of fine diamonds

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in-depth knowledge of the world’s most famous or rare collection of diamonds and the history of each.