Frequently Asked

yes , we sell natural diamonds as well as lab grown diamonds. our diamonds are come with certification by independent gemological labouratories, so you will 100% asured with our diamonds.

yes we sell lab grown diamonds, our diamonds are come with lab grown grading reports. 

we sell most of diamond shapes, like round, pear, marquise, emerald, princess. we specialize in baguette shapes with both variants straight or taper baguettes. we most of sell small size diamonds, but we also sell solitaire diamonds also only on client’s requirement.

yes, we sell customized shapes like trapezoid, kite, half moon, and star shapes. we also working in very good, good or fair cut diamonds in round shape.

yes, we sell diamonds certified by indipendent gemological labouratories, our solitaire diamonds are come with gemological diamond grading certificates or small diamonds are come with natural authentication cartificates

yes, we sell retail customers, most of our customers are jewelry retailers, jewelry maunfacturers, dealers or whlesalers. we have  ” no ninimum order ” policy, so clients can purchase any numbers of diamonds from us. 

yes, we sell diamonds globally. you can purchase diamonds from anywhere in world where you live.

clients can purchase diamonds by visting shop page. or you can also contact us by e-mail, phone or whatsapp for place any purchase or inquiry.

clients can pay via bank to bank tranfer or paypal, if you pay with paypal then client need to pay 4.4% extra on invoice value. because paypal charge us 4.4% conversation fee. you can pay with bank to bank payments at no extra cost. 

worlds all major shipping companies are available here like fedex, ferrari, bvc, sequel logistics, malca amit. we send diamonds through this companies, its dependends what is clients preffered shipping company

no, we can’t charge extra on it. if client’s order value exceed $10,000 usd. then we ship from any global shipping parners. if clients order value is below $10,000 then we send it through global mail post services. 

yes, our shipment is 100% secured and insured with shipping partners. we are liable untill the shipment is deliverd sucefully at your door-step.

every country is diffrent rules and rates of duty applicable on diamonds. so before you purchase or place an order please talk with nearest gowrnment house in concerned deparments. or you can also discuss with global shipping companies. import duty is subject to payable by client.

yes, we accept returns. client can return our diamonds within 14 days of purchase. 15% restoring fees of invoice value or return shipping charges are payable by customer. after debit this chrges we will refund rest amount on your orginal payment method.

client can visit our factory, we are avilable in heart of state city surat. our adress is,  pramukh jewels, 6-1820,office no 02,Laxminarayan Hall, beside dev niranjan complex, Surat, Gujarat 395003.india. we offer free pickup, accommodation and tour of diamond market surat. 

yes, you can join us in live conference by zoom video meetings/ google meet’s or also by whatsapp calling. we will provide you a virtually tour of our factory. 

yes, we proivde diamond education, care guides or pricing methodes at free of cost. any of your questions related to diamonds will answered here. join us by visiting contact-us page.