10. Paragon Diamond – Most Famous Diamonds

A paragon diamond is a perfect diamond — flawless and without inclusions. In the 16th century, a mass of 12 carats (2.4 g) was sufficient to qualify for this designation, but today the threshold lies at 100 carats (20 g).

The largest flawless diamond in the world is known as The Paragon, a D-color gem weighing 137.82 carats (27.564 g), and the tenth-largest white diamond in the world. The gem was mined in Brazil and attracted attention for being an exceptionally white, flawless stone of great size.

paragon diamond

The Mayfair-based jeweler Graff Diamonds acquired the stone in Antwerp, cut it into an unusual seven-sided kite shield configuration, and set it in a necklace that separates both necklace and bracelet lengths.

Apart from the main stone, this necklace also contains rare pink, blue, and yellow diamonds, making a total mass of 190.27 carats (38.054 g). The necklace has associations with the end of the millennium and was worn by model Naomi Campbell at a diamond gala held by De Beers and Versace at Syon House in 1999.

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