12. The Wittelsbach Graff Diamond – Most Expensive Diamonds

The Wittelsbach Graff Diamond is a 31.06-carat (6.212 g) deep-blue diamond with internally flawless clarity.

Laurence Graff purchased the Wittelsbach Diamond in 2008 for £16.4 million. In 2010, Graff revealed he had had the diamond cut by three diamond cutters to remove flaws. The diamond was now more than 4 carats (800 mg) lighter and was renamed the Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond.

There is controversy, as critics claim the recutting has so altered the diamond as to make it unrecognizable, compromising its historical integrity.

The Wittelsbach Graff Diamond - Most Expensive Diamonds

The original Wittelsbach Diamond, also known as Der Blaue Wittelsbacher, was a 35.56-carat (7.112 g) fancy, deep, the greyish-blue diamond with VS2 clarity that had been part of both the Austrian and the Bavarian Crown jewels.

Its color and clarity had been compared to the Hope Diamond. The diamond measured 24.40 millimeters (0.961 in) in diameter and 8.29 millimeters (0.326 in) in depth.

It had 82 facets arranged in an atypical pattern. The star facets on the crown were vertically split, and the pavilion had sixteen needle-like facets arranged in pairs, pointing outward from the culet facet.

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