5. The Pink Star Diamond- World’s Most Expensive Diamonds

The Pink Star diamond, formerly known as the Steinmetz Pink, is a diamond weighing 59.60 carats (11.92 g), rated in color as Fancy Vivid Pink by the Gemological Institute of America.

The Pink Star was mined by De Beers in 1999 in South Africa and weighed 132.5 carats in the rough. The Pink Star is the largest known diamond having been rated Vivid Pink.

As a result of this exceptional rarity, the Benny Steinmetz Group called Steinmetz Diamonds took a cautious 20 months to cut the Pink. It was unveiled in Monaco on 29 May 2003 in a public ceremony.


The Pink Star was displayed (as the Steinmetz Pink) as part of the Smithsonian’s “The Splendor of Diamonds” exhibit, alongside the De Beers Millennium Star, the world’s second-largest (the Cullinan I The Star of Africa is the largest) top color (D) internally and externally flawless pear-shaped diamond at 203.04 carats (40.608 g), the Heart of Eternity Diamond, a 27.64 carat (5.582 g) heart-cut blue diamond and the Moussaieff Red Diamond, the world’s largest known Fancy Red diamond at 5.11 carat (1.022 g).

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