Diamond Mining – where do we find diamonds?

About 13 million carats of diamonds are produced within a year, so let’s talk about today’s modern diamond mining. Today more than fifty percent of the world’s diamonds come from Africa. The rest of the supply is then supplied by Canada, Russia, Australia, and Brazil. Large-scale diamond mining was started in the Kimberly and lamproites of South Africa in the 1870s. Diamonds were also found in the USA in Arkansas, Mexico, Montana, and Colorado in 2004.


World’s Top 10 Diamond Mines

  1. Aikhal Diamond Mine:- Sakha (Yakutia), Republic of Russia

Capacity:  40.7 million Carat Diamonds

Managed By: Alrosa Diamond Company

Learn More:- http://eng.alrosa.ru/corporate-structure/aikhal-mining-and-processing-division/


 2. Jwaneng Diamond Mine:- south-central, Botswana

Capacity:  11 million diamonds- Recovered

Managed By: Debswana And De Beers Joint Venture

Learn More:- http://www.debswana.com/Operations/


3. Udachny diamond mine:- Sakha Republic, Russia

Capacity:  225.8 million carats

Managed By: Alrosa Diamond Company

Learn More:- http://eng.alrosa.ru/operations/mining/


4. Nyurba Diamond Mine:- Nyurba, Russia

Capacity:   132.75 million carats

Managed By: Alrosa Diamond Company-Nyurba mining and processing division

Learn More:- http://eng.alrosa.ru/corporate-structure/nyurba-mining-and-processing-division/


5. Orapa diamond mine:- Orapa, Botswana

Capacity:  11 million carats – Annual

Managed By: Debswana And De Beers Joint Venture

Learn More:- http://www.debswana.com/Operations/Pages/Orapa-Mine.aspx


6. Catoca diamond mine:- Angola

Capacity:  60 million carat

Managed By: Endiama (the state mining company of Angola), Alrosa of Russia, Odebrecht of Brazil, and the Diamond Finance CY BV Group

Learn More:- http://eng.alrosa.ru/corporate-structure/sociedade-mineira-de-catoca-catoca-ltd/


7. Ekati diamond mine:- Northwest Territories in Canada

Capacity:  105.4 million carat

Managed By: Dominion Diamond Mine

Learn More:- https://www.ddmines.com/ekati-diamond-mine-operations/


8. Venetia diamond mine:- Musina in Limpopo Province of South Africa

Capacity:  92.4 million carat

Managed By: De Beers Group

Learn More:- https://www.debeersgroup.com/the-group/about-debeers-group/mines/south-africa/venetia


9. Lomonosov diamond mine:- Arkhangelsk, Russia

Capacity:  73.89 million carat

Managed By: Alrosa Diamond Company

Learn More:- http://eng.alrosa.ru/corporate-structure/ojsc-severalmaz/


10. Mir diamond mine:- Yakutia region of Russia

Capacity:  57.77 million carat

Managed By: Alrosa Diamond Company

Learn More:- http://eng.alrosa.ru/corporate-structure/mirny-mining-processing-division/

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