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Gem Quality Diamonds – diamonds for jewelry

Gem-quality diamonds are mostly used in the jewelry industry.

These quality diamonds are a good color and good quality.  we can categorize diamonds as of use like this,

  • diamonds: more than one-carat diamonds are so beautiful
  • fancy color diamonds: fancy colors available like green, pink, blue, red, orange, black, and violet.
  • the closed diamonds: crystal shape diamonds, helpful for sawing and polishing.
  • the spotted diamonds: crystal shape diamonds, with some imperfections but they will look good after cutting/polishing.
  • the natts diamonds: black inclusions (impurity) available in stone, it will be removed after the cleaving process.
  • the coated diamonds: invisible layer on diamond skin, layers will be removed after the sawing process for getting a clear diamond.
  • the frosted diamonds: white layer on the stone skin it’s very thin and icy.
  • the milky diamonds: looking very cloudy stones.
  • the flats diamonds: flate rough shape, generally polished in baguette-cut diamonds.
  • the sands diamonds: too small diamonds, less than 0.10 carat.
  • the common diamonds: too poor quality of diamonds,
  • the rejection diamonds: too poor quality, not used in jewelry.


industrial quality diamonds

useful for industry, yellow color diamonds are good for industrial use because its tough than other diamonds.

the most common use of industrial diamonds is in die/ drilling tools.


crushing boart

too poor quality of diamonds, mostly use crushing diamonds and used this powder in diamond polishing.

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