Guide To Buying Diamonds-Understanding polishing of diamonds



a) Extra facet: Any polished facet, which is added to the normal number of facets, of a particular cut.

b) Natural: Unpolished surface, characteristics for a rough diamond.

c) Nick: Small blemish, which manifests itself in the removal of material.

d) Scratches: Fine, white linear depressions.

e) Polish lines: Very fine grooves, engraved by the polishing wheel, restricted at the edges of the facet.

f) Burning marks: These are the result of excessive heating of one or more facets, during the polishing process or setting. They look like white or bluish, oily clouds.
g) Abrasion: Abraded facet edges (or abraded culet), either by daily use or by putting too many stones in one paper. The edges appear indefinite, white, and granular.

SYMMETRY defects of a posted Diamond

a) Off-center table.
b) Offf- center culet.
c) Irregular girdle.
d) Facets out of alignment.
e) Open facets.
f) Irregular facet (in shape and size)
g) Stone not round (round brilliant only)


VERY GOOD: MEDIUM No faults with 10 X
GOOD: Minor faults, hardly visible with 10 X
MEDIUM: Major faults, easily visible with 10X
FAIR: Faults are obvious with 10 X

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