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Ideal-cut ( Heart and Arrow diamonds) diamonds are cut too widely accepted proportions and angles. About 98% of a diamond’s brilliance is controlled by its cut.

Hearts and Arrows diamonds are “supersymmetry ideal cuts”.

The hearts and arrows pattern is only possible when exceptional symmetry exists. Symmetry is judged on the basis of the degree to which the shaping and placement of facets yield exact mirror images of opposite features. Precise alignment of the facets and exact crown pavilion angles result in maximum light return. All the diamond bezel, star, upper girdle, and pavilion main facets must be the same size and shape, aligned precisely 180° opposite each other. Color and clarity combinations of D-F, and VVS are quite common.

American Gem Society (AGS) Laboratory issues cut grades on grading reports based on measurements provided by Sarin Dia-mention technology. This is the first major American laboratory to use a numerical system for assessing an overall cut grade. The lab grades seven main components of cut (including polish and symmetry) and applies them to a deduction chart with grades from 0 to 10. The top grade is 0 Ideal (no deductions), 1 Excellent (almost ideal), and so on down to 10 Poor. The AGS lab does not include hearts and arrows comments or photos in their reports. The terms 0 Ideal, zero cut, triple zero, and AGS 0 have become buzzwords in the trade for ideal cut diamonds.

what is heart and arrow diamonds?

“Heart and Arrow” diamonds, also known as “Cupid’s Arrow” diamonds, refer to diamonds that exhibit a specific pattern when viewed under special magnification tools. This pattern is visible in round brilliant diamonds and is a result of precise and ideal proportions and craftsmanship during the cutting process.

When viewed from the top (the table) using a special viewer, a well-cut round brilliant diamond with perfect symmetry and angles displays a pattern resembling hearts and arrows. From the top, you can see eight symmetrical arrows, and when viewed from the bottom, you can see eight symmetrical hearts. This phenomenon occurs due to the diamond’s facets aligning perfectly and reflecting light in a specific way.

Diamonds with this hearts and arrows pattern are highly valued because it indicates superior cut quality. A well-cut diamond maximizes its brilliance, fire, and sparkle, making it more visually appealing. The hearts and arrows pattern is often associated with high-quality diamonds and is considered a mark of craftsmanship and precision in the diamond industry. Diamonds with this pattern are typically used in jewelry pieces, especially in engagement rings, where the emphasis is on the diamond’s brilliance and beauty.

how to identify heart and arrow diamonds?

Identifying a heart and arrow diamond requires a special viewer called a hearts and arrows scope or a proportion scope. This tool allows you to examine the diamond’s facets and symmetry, revealing the distinct hearts and arrows pattern. Here’s how you can identify heart and arrow diamonds:

  1. Use a Hearts and Arrows Scope: Obtain a hearts and arrows scope from a jeweler or a diamond expert. This specialized viewer has a set of lenses and mirrors that allow you to see the internal facets of the diamond.
  2. Inspect the Diamond Under Proper Lighting: Place the diamond under a consistent and bright light source. Natural daylight or LED lights are suitable for this purpose. Adequate lighting ensures that you can see the diamond’s facets clearly.
  3. Position the Diamond Properly: Place the diamond on a white surface or a white tray to enhance visibility. Hold the hearts and arrows scope above the diamond, positioning it properly to view the stone from the top (table) and bottom (pavilion) angles.
  4. Examine the Diamond: Look through the hearts and arrows scope and observe the diamond’s pattern. A genuine heart and arrow diamond will display eight symmetrical hearts when viewed from the bottom and eight arrows when viewed from the top. The hearts should be well-defined, and the arrows should be sharp and clear.
  5. Check for Consistency: A true hearts and arrows diamond will exhibit consistency in the size, shape, and alignment of both the hearts and arrows. Irregularities or variations in the pattern may indicate a lower quality cut.
  6. Consult a Professional: If you’re unsure about identifying a hearts and arrows diamond, consider consulting a professional jeweler or a gemologist. They have experience and expertise in evaluating diamonds and can help you confirm whether the diamond exhibits the hearts and arrows pattern.

It’s important to note that while the hearts and arrows pattern is a sign of excellent craftsmanship and a well-cut diamond, it is not the only factor to consider when evaluating a diamond’s overall quality. Other aspects such as the diamond’s carat weight, color, clarity, and overall cut quality also play crucial roles in determining its value and beauty.

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