guide to buying diamonds-understanding weight of diamonds

quality chart of diamonds, these parameters will help you to buy diamonds., the quality of any polished diamond is judged using the following four criteria the 4cs. these four parameters are called 4cs.

carat weight of diamond:

the greater the weight of the diamond, the rarer it is, hence the demand for it and its value increases greatly with its size.

cut of diamonds:

the extent to which the diamond cutter brings out the beauty of the diamond.

clarity of diamonds:

the extent to which the inclusions present in the diamond affect its transparency the greater the clarity of the diamond, the rarer it is.

color of diamonds:

the degree by which the saturation of the inherent color of the stone differs from the ideal colorless state. the less color in a diamond, the rarer it is ( other than fancy-colored diamonds ) the quality of a diamond, hence its price can be determined only if each of these four aspects is evaluated.

we start with the factors of diamond size, that is

1. carat weight of diamonds

a carat is a unit of weight. it is how much gemstones weighs, like grams, pounds, and ounce. this value is the only objective one. it determines the size of a diamond, the appearance, but not necessarily the quality.

you may be wondering how the use of the carat came about. the carat was originally the seed of a tree that is common in the middle east, the locust tree or carob tree (catatonia siliqua ). the ancient pearl merchant of the middle east discovered that the seeds when dried were exceedingly uniform in weight and adopted them as units of weight for pearls. such a seed weighs approximately 0.197 grams.

in 1907, the carat weight was adapted to the metric system. the metric carat equals 0.200 grams. Diamonds weighing less than 1 carat are measured in points (hundredths). A diamond of 10 points is a diamond that weighs 0.10 ct. (it is a convention to abbreviate the word “carat to “ct”.) One grain equals 0.25 carats. A diamond of 6 grains is a diamond that weighs 1.50ct. “

The weight of a polished diamond of one-quarter carats is expressed as: 1.25 ct.

When a stone is less than a carat the weight is shown correctly in this way: 0.25, 0.30 ct, 0.05ct. To avoid confusion, a zero should be placed before the points and two digits are always shown after it. In practice, the weight of the diamond is measured with an accurate balance to a thousandth of a carat and recorded at a hundredth of a carat. The third decimal is always ignored for all numbers except 9. In this case, the weight is rounded up to the nearest hundredth. For example, a stone weighing 0.628ct is noted as 0.62ct stone weighing 0.629 ct is noted as 0.63 ct.

1.00 Carat (ct) = 0.200 gram = 100 points (pt.) = 4 grains.

In the diamond industry, the value of a stone is expressed as PRICE PER CARAT. This is usually abbreviated to p.c. For example, a diamond weighing 0.50 ct and valued at Rs. 50,000.00 p.c. would be sold for 0.50 x Rs 50,000/- = Rs. 25,000/

Usually, electronic balances are used with a digital readout on the front to weigh the loose diamonds. By using such one can determine the weight of loose diamonds.

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