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the art of diamond polishing- buy polished diamonds

in polished diamonds, the polishing of diamonds is the most important factor.

polishing quality is responsible for how diamonds are shiny. diamond polishing is subject that fully depends on the hands of diamond artisans who polish the diamond. only artisans are done with the beauty of each diamond. good polishing is shown the brilliance of the diamond, clarity, and color is doesn’t matter. if the diamond has good quality or color but the polishing is poor, that diamond doesn’t look beautiful. weak polished diamond will look dull.

if the diamond is cut or polished with the perfect proportion that will look beautiful but it causes more weight loss of the diamond. excellent cut diamonds are the best beauty sparkle. and it’s good enough prices in the market.

diamond artisans think about diamond weight, they think more weight of a diamond is more price, so they don’t worry about the cut, so they make a poor cut for getting big diamonds, so this light leakage from the bottom or girdle side into the diamond or diamond will not shine.


heart and arrow diamond

but for getting maximum brilliance from diamonds, diamond artisans must cut diamonds into the excellent cut with heart and arrow diamond proportion “heart and arrow diamond” is achieve maximum brilliance.

when the diamond comes from mines, it will not be looking shiny but the manufacturing process is done. diamond polishing is very tough work, it takes too much concentration when they do polishing. some times they also break diamonds, or sometimes by man’s mistake impurities also come into facets of diamonds. so why the diamond process is high?

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