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What Is Natural Rough Diamond? – how to buy diamonds?

What are natural rough diamonds?,  Natural Rough Diamond is a hard-to-absorb, hard-to-find substance. The surface of the rough diamond is oily and dull. Rough diamonds are available at a lower cost than Polished diamonds because it takes a lot of money to Cut/Polish diamonds. only 20% of all diamonds found on Earth are used in making jewelry, the remaining 80% of diamonds are not transparent and It is used in the industry. Rough diamonds are classified according to their color, shape, and weight, and then sent for Cut/Polishing.

we will now know about the characters contained in the raw diamonds.


How To Identify Natural Rough Diamonds?

It is important to understand And Identify the rough diamond, the characters that are not respected in order to identify the rough diamond if you can identify that character you can identify the rough diamond.

Many of the raw diamonds found in the mine have different marks in the form of imperfections, these marks are made in the process of becoming a natural diamond, some of which we present to you so that we can help identify the raw diamond.

Clouds: Little Well With White Colour Available In Rough Diamond Internal Side.

Crystals: Small White Cloudy Pinpoints Internal Side Of Diamonds

Feathers: Small Or Big Feathers Are Available in Diamonds Also Called Crackers.

Graining: When a Diamond Formed This Was Occurs, It’s Just a Line Showing In Structure Of the Diamonds, Its Little Line Between Of Two Diamonds

Blemishes: Blemishes Are Like Burn Marks Of Diamonds Generally Shown on the Surface Of the Diamond.

Scratches: Also Shown On the Surface Of the Diamond, When Diamonds Formed It’s Available Naturally

Pits: Little Indentions Availavlable On the Surface Sometimes Pits Are Minor Sometimes It’s Deep Into Diamonds.


How To Buy Natural Rough Diamonds?

There Are Many Rough Diamond Mining Companies Available In The World, But they Are Selling Bulk Numbers Of Diamonds, They Not Sell Single Piece Of Diamonds. But We Are Here To Help You, We Can Provide Diamonds at Very Reasonable Prices Direct From the Manufacturer.

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